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Full of Grace - Discussion Journal

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From the beginning, Full of Grace has been a film with a different purpose. As a culture, we generally look to movies as a means of escape. We leave the stuff of the day behind and choose to disappear for a while into someone else's story. There is certainly a time and a place for that, but Full of Grace offers something different. Full of Grace invites its audiences to bring the day with them—all its struggles and joys—and see if God doesn't have something to say about it.


Audiences across the country and around the world have watched this film with one universal reaction: they want to talk about it when the lights go up. This study guide has come out of that experience. It is our hope that the quotes, questions, and Scripture passages found in this guide will facilitate a deeper encounter with Our Lord resulting in a renewed and invigorated faith.


This resource is intended for use in a small group setting, although you have the freedom to use it to create a retreat or mission experience as well. Additionally, it is written sequentially, with each section building on the previous one.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review