More Than A Conqueror: The Alex Brittain Story (CD)

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More Than A Conqueror: The Alex Brittain Story

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Alex Brittain was a Fundamentalist Evangelical Christian. Raised as an anti-Catholic, Alex once considered the Catholic Church to be a satanic counterfeit “church” and the “whore of Babylon”. However, after studying Church history and theology, in particular the work of St. Thomas Aquinas, Alex converted to Catholicism and was received into the Church during Easter 2011. Alex now serves the Church as a lay evangelist and apologist and is a co-founder of a lazy apostolate called the Knights of the Magisterium. He is also the author of a blog called The Modern Augustine.

In his conversion story, Alex shares why he converted to Catholicism as well as his experiences with family members who suffered from mental illness and growing up in the foster care system. Taking the words of St. Paul in Romans 8:37 to heart, “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us,” Alex shares some of the trials and tribulations that he has gone through in life with the help of Christ. This story will inspire you in your own trials and will help you grow in the Catholic Faith.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review