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PAUL: Apostle of Christ - Discussion Journal

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PAUL: Apostle of Christ offers a moving personal depiction of some of the lives behind the birth of the early Christian church. It brings to life the real human struggles, fears, and challenges of some of the individuals of this time. It also powerfully depicts the historical context of the early church and portrays what life may have been like for those followers of Jesus, trying to live out their new faith in the face of the life-threatening persecution and danger of Emperor Nero's Rome. It deals with themes including love, grace, guilt, forgiveness, mercy, discernment and perseverance in the face of persecution.


This resource is intended for use in a small group setting, although you have the freedom to use it to create a retreat or mission experience as well. Additionally, it is written sequentially, with each section building on the previous one.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review