Sign of Contradiction Coffee Table Book

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What you will find in this book are stunning photos that were taken during the filming Sign of Contradiction. On each trip, it was Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, and the crew of 4PM Media. It was the team's desire to visit Assisi during different times of the year in order to experience all that Assisi had to offer. And did they ever.

All of the visits made for extraordinary opportunities to encounter Francis and learn more about the man who continues to inspire. Within these pages, you will find some of the images that captured the team's imagination. We would invite you to not simply look at them or admire them, but invite them to move you, to speak to you. Literally, millions of pilgrims have been inspired by the images of Assisi and our prayer is that the beauty contained within these pages inspires you also.

Interspersed in the pages are a few articles written by some friends of Fr. Dave's. The articles and other quotes by some familiar names will hopefully help you to appreciate Francis and some of the things that he held dear. Our hope is that from the images and the words you will come to a deeper understanding and love of St. Francis.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review