Spiritual Warfare Bundle

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If you know anyone that is anywhere on this path away from Jesus and His Church or if you need to hear this message of hope, this set is for you! The theme of this eye-opening spiritual warfare bundle is how God, through his Catholic Church, will go through great lengths to pull you and your loves out of sin, the occult, and any other demonic affliction in your life.

In Confessions of an Ex-Satanist, you'll discover one woman’s journey from the dark, grim world of Satanism to the only place where one can find safety and refuge: Holy Mother Church. You’ll also find out how to reach out to those who have “sold” their souls to the devil and to help them realize that it is possible, and never too late, to turn back to the Lord!

In Demonology, Fr. Machado reveals through Scripture and Tradition, the undeniable reality of Satan and the other fallen angels. And so our battle with sin is fought not only on a natural plane but also, as St. Paul puts it, “against the powers of darkness and wicked spirits in high places.” In a psychologically oriented culture that denies the very existence of the devil and even of sin, it's vitally important to realize that Satan is not a part of human nature, but distinct both from us and from the sin he leads us into. And so it is a grave error to exclude the possibility of diabolical influence, as so many contemporary Catholics are prone to do.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review