The Rosary with Bishop Barron

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The rosary

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The Rosary is one of the most widely recognized prayers of Catholicism—and also one of the most misunderstood. What is it all about? How do you pray it? And what is it meant to accomplish?

The Rosary with Bishop Robert Barron invites readers to join one of the world’s leading Catholic evangelists in exploring the meditative depth, rhythmic beauty, and spiritual power of this ancient prayer. After a brief introduction to the Rosary by Pope St. John Paul II and a walkthrough of its various prayers, the book presents the full text of the Rosary for each set of mysteries—Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous—together with beautiful color artwork and reflections from Bishop Barron. In an afterword from Matt Nelson, the Assistant Director of the Word on Fire Institute—who “re-entered the Church after several years fallen away”—reflects on the figure of Mary and her role as mother in the lives of Christians.

Perfect for either private or public prayer, intuitive enough for beginners yet also a wonderful companion for seasoned veterans, The Rosary with Bishop Barron is an essential book for anyone hoping to gain a better understanding of the Rosary, a stronger commitment to praying it, and a deeper appreciation of its power.

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