Inspiring Christians through Film

4PM Media is named for the time of day that the disciples of John the Baptist first met Jesus. This full-service production company aims at cultivating Catholic truths through authentic storytelling. Working together with Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR and the Ministry of the Wild Goose, they’ve created beautiful and thought-provoking films to promote conversation and conversion. 

These films take audiences on a journey toward a greater understanding of the world God has given us. With excellent films and series like Metanoia, The Wild Goose, and Sign of Contradiction, each project by 4PM Media explores a new message helpful for Catholic audiences growing in faith. 

We’ve been honored to partner with Fr. Dave Pivonka, The Ministry of the Wild Goose, and 4PM Media for the last few years and we’re excited to offer their programs on Cedar House!

Thank you for shopping on Cedar House. We love our partners and we encourage you to connect with 4PM Media as well!

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