Leading Young Adults to Chaste Lives
Jason and Crystalina Evert have been speaking to young people for over twenty years in their efforts to help them lead chaste lives. In doing so, they’ve created a space for young Catholics to learn together about the virtue of chaste living. That’s why they created Chastity Project: to help teens grow together in virtue. 

Chastity Project creates budget-friendly materials which promote the virtue of chastity “so that individuals can see God, and be free to love (Matt. 5:8).” Their texts and CDs provide audiences with encouraging support to those seeking purity in an impure world.
Each product by Chastity Project fights the culture of lust with Christian virtue. This is why we are excited to offer products from Chastity Project on Cedar House.
Thank you for shopping on Cedar House. We love our partners and we encourage you to connect with Chastity Project as well!