Benedictines Serving Up Excellent Stuff

We first encountered the Benedictines of Subiaco Abbey via their mouth-watering, super-spicy hot sauce. Jam-packed with hot habanero peppers grown in their Arkansas garden, this hot sauce was already a regional favorite—and it quickly became one of our best-selling items ever. It also became a staple in our own office’s break room.

After the success of Monk Sauce, we discovered that the Benedictines also hand-make delicious peanut brittle, sweet-smelling candles, and more unique products that we simply had to offer on Cedar House. Working with the brothers of Subiaco has been a dream, and it brings us great joy to know that we’re supporting them as they seek to live by the work of their hands, just as St. Benedict intended.

You can click here to learn more about life at Subiaco Abbey. We especially recommend checking them out if you or a loved one is considering a vocation to the monastic life!

Thank you for shopping on Cedar House. We love our partners and we encourage you to connect with the monks of Subiaco Abbey as well!