Council at Daybreak

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Council at Daybreak

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Council at Daybreak is a social deduction game of mystery and discovery. Each game is only 15 minutes but you'll find yourselves playing for hours!

There is a heretic among you! In each game, players have a role to play in finding the heretic in the council. Behold, the heretic will do anything to not be accused...

Use the free Proclaimer app while you play!

* The game includes 16 character cards illustrated by Tomics (
* 3-10 players
* Perfect for game night with your friends and family
* Free shipping to the United States


(18 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great repeatable game!

    Posted by Anna W. on Jan 19th 2022

    Played similar to the "other" 1 night games, this add a FUN Catholic twist that kept my whole family entertained. Can't wait for an app or download to be the narrator so that everyone can easily play each round. Totally worth the purchase. Thanks for family fun time!

  • 5

    Posted by Liz on Jan 18th 2022

    My husband and I played this at a game night recently with a few other Catholic couples and our parish priest. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! It took a little while to figure it out but once we did it was worth it. We played for over 3 hours! I also liked that it could be played with a (relatively) larger number of people, since many games max out at 6 or 8 players. All around a fabulous, Catholic themed game :)

  • 5
    Great Family Game

    Posted by Rob on Jan 18th 2022

    Family of five from 6 to 40+ who love playing this game. Easy to learn and very fun. Only takes about 10-15mins to play but kids always want to play over and over. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Packable fun that older and younger kids enjoy!

    Posted by Mrs. G on Jan 18th 2022

    I was excited to support a Catholic company but pleasantly surprised how my kids can take to any event with high schoolers to grade schoolers and they entertain themselves! We had a mom group and the high schoolers played with grade schoolers for 90 minutes happily. My son now takes to his Catholic school and they play at lunch. Great investment and so well constructed.

  • 4
    Fast and Easy Fun

    Posted by Christopher S on Jan 18th 2022

    I'd imagine that this game would have been played by Jesus and the disciples after the Last Supper. A fast and easy game to teach and play, it was really great to play with a small group of 4, to a large group of 7! I'd do wish there was some form of app/website to play out the commands of the proclaimer, so that accidental peeks are avoided. But overall, it's a 10/10 for me!

  • 5
    "It's pretty fun"

    Posted by Bridget S on Jan 18th 2022

    I got Council at Daybreak for my kids when it launched, and after playing it a few times ourselves we also brought it to a family gathering where everyone enjoyed it. The two very experienced game players in the family said it has a "twist" compared to the game they've played that is most like it. The youngest player was able to pick up the rules and have fun with it. Each game goes by quickly (my own kids do not tolerate long games so that's a relief, I have a lot of games that are too much for them) and it's not the kind of game where the same person always wins and somebody else stomps off in a huff (though early on we did have a sad moment in a 3-person game where there were two heretics and we had to very quickly play another round to cheer up the losing party who was suffering from a sense of grave injustice). I asked my youngest teenager for a review title and he said "it's pretty fun".

  • 5
    Good Family Fun

    Posted by Sandra Fedewa on Jan 18th 2022

    I agree with previous reviews that a app or download to read the narrator part would be great. We made one on our phone which worked but had to redo for any new players added. I really like how all ages can play.

  • 5
    Intense fun

    Posted by Bonnie M Lill on Dec 28th 2021

    A group of 8 ranging in age from 19 to 68 had a raucous time playing Council at Daybreak. Several had played Werewolf and the rest picked it up quickly. A couple of the Catholics and one non-Catholic really need to go to confession after playing that game. We had no idea what good liars they are! It's not as complicated as it first seems, and it is a good game for people who like to think and use their powers of deduction. It took us a little longer than what was expected because we had such a spirited time at the Council. Can't wait to play again!

  • 5
    Great quick family game

    Posted by Joe on Dec 8th 2021

    Inject 15 minutes of fun into your family's night! Poke gentle fun at that one person at church (you know: THAT one)! Watch your children lie straight to your face! Adults familiar with games like Bulls%&$ and Werewolf (the deception game, not the RPG) will be right at home, as will kids who play Among Us. No idea what I'm talking about? That's okay - the game is quick to learn by playing a round or two, and with just a few players, you can learn the cards bit by bit. And the theming is playful and self-effacing. The theming is a big part of the fun, as the game takes friendly jabs at Catholic celebrities, nosy church ladies, homeschoolers, and the like.