Bathe in the Waters of Lourdes
Having made their own trip to Lourdes, the founders of Immaculate Waters decided that more people should have access to the benefits of these waters. With that in mind, they began making a line of bath products that they gave to their friends and family. Soon, they realized that people worldwide could benefit from Lourdes water—people who would ordinarily never be able to make the trip—and Immaculate Waters was born.
Not only do these soaps and lotions contain genuine Lourdes water, but they never use any damaging sulfates, surfactants, or detergents found in other liquid products: each one leaves skin feeling silky smooth and soft. They even include a vegetable based glycerine to help those with sensitive skin!

Cedar House is blessed to be able to carry these products on our website to help distribute the water of Lourdes to those who need it.
Thank you for shopping on Cedar House. We love our partners and we encourage you to connect with Immaculate Waters as well!