Radical Surrender: Letters to Seminarians (eBook)

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Radical Surrender: Letters to Seminarians (Digital)

Product Overview

Radical Surrender: Letters to Seminarians will assist vocation directors and seminary formators in helping seminarians recognize the true voice of God and rightfully discern their vocation. Seminary formation must be interiorly appropriated; in other words, formation will be fruitful only if the seminarian allows Christ to transform his heart. This book is a resource for all interested in the spiritual and human formation of the next generation of priests.

About the Author

Fr. Michael Najim is the Vocation Director for the Diocese of Providence and a formator at the Seminary of Our Lady of Providence. He received a bachelor’s degree in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a master’s in divinity from Saint John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA. He was ordained a priest in 2001.

Praise for Radical Surrender

Fr. Najim has written a very fine collection of letters in the tradition of lectio divina. Seminarians who take the time to prayerfully consider his words will move far along the path of discerning a priestly vocation.

– Cardinal Sean O’Malley Archbishop of Boston

Product Details

  • 150 pages

  • Published year: 2009

  • Nihil Obstat: Fr. Timothy J. Reilly

  • Imprimatur: Bishop Thomas J. Tobin Diocese of Providence


(No reviews yet) Write a Review