Healthy, Delicious Honey by Cistercian Sisters
Nestled in the woods of Northern California, Redwoods Monastery is a Cistercian community founded in 1962. Every day, the sisters of the monastery work and pray to transform themselves in God’s likeness—whether it’s through silent contemplation, singing the psalms, and prayerfully working with their hands. The sisters offer all of their work as a prayer, and part of that work is making delicious creamed honey!

Made with Grade A, all-natural ingredients, this rich and creamy honey isn’t just delicious, it’s also healthy (for both you and the environment!) We’re proud to offer their delicious honey in two different 3-packs: one with Original, Almond, and Cinnamon flavors, and one with Lemon, Orange, and Ginger!

Order today and discover the uniquely delicious taste of Redwood Abbey’s creamed honey—and check out their recipe blog for some excellent ideas on how to use it!
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