The Strongest and Softest Scapulars in the World
It’s a common misconception that brown scapulars are made to be itchy and uncomfortable. But that’s not true! It’s an unfortunate result of the cheap mass-production of scapulars in an effort to spread the devotion to all the faithful. Unfortunately, it had the inverse effect: many people quit practicing the scapular devotion because they get sick of replacing them when they break. 

The promise of the scapular is one of lifelong protection and comfort, and the sacramental needs to do a better job of representing that. That’s why Steve Kerekes started to revitalize and reinvigorate devotion to Our Lady among Catholics worldwide. These beautiful, comfortable scapulars are second-to-none in quality (and many of them include innovative pockets for sacred medals so they won’t wear out the cords!)

We’re delighted to offer Steve’s scapulars on our site, and we invite you to consider wearing a scapular as strong as your devotion!
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