The Miracles Of Jesus (DVD)

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The all-new DVD is an excellent introduction to the miracle stories from the Gospels. This inspiring presentation combines readings from Sacred Scripture with on-screen text, beautiful sacred art, and enlightening commentary that focuses especially on the two elements that Catholics care about the most: “What does the Church teach about this?” and, “How does it apply to my life today?”

Ideal for Kids and Converts
Matt Arnold (Our Catholic Faith, The Story of the Bible) has created a powerful presentation that is simple enough to be suitable for young people yet sufficiently substantial to be appropriate for adults as well. Applicable to Catholics of all ages, the commentary relates the Church’s accepted interpretations in a clear and easy-to-understand manner that makes the meaning of the miracles truly come alive. As you’ll discover, The Miracles of Jesus is ideal for family Bible study and for the many Catholics, young and old, who are new to encountering the Holy Bible outside of the Sunday readings.

Appealing and Engaging
As you view this informative and insightful DVD, you’ll discover what the miracles of Jesus reveal about the Sacraments, the Church, the power of intercession and much more. All together these miraculous episodes make a single cohesive presentation, but, since each segment is only a few minutes long, any one of them can be viewed independently. For example, any one of the miracles would make an appealing audio-visual supplement for religious education class, or an engaging addition to a conventional Bible study.

Essential Teaching
The Miracles of Jesus makes a creative complement to your CCD or Confirmation program that is also well-suited for adult inquiry classes, RCIA, and group Bible study. Today more than ever Catholic youth and adult converts especially need to recognize that Our Lord’s miracles are at the very heart of His ministry, which is to save us from sin and death through belief in Him and through the Church that He established.

Whether you are a parent, religion teacher or Bible study facilitator, order The Miracles of Jesus today and add a powerful new dimension to your religion classes, group study, family devotions, and personal enrichment.

Why Jesus performed miracles
How the miracles of Jesus reveal the plan of God
How Jesus Walking on the Water relates to the Holy Eucharist
Why Jesus’ miracles are essential to the Gospel
How the spread of the Church is one of Jesus’ greatest miracles
What the Healing of the Leper reveals about Confession
How Jesus continues to heal us through the Church
Why forgiving sins is a greater miracle than raising the dead
How the miracles of Jesus apply to your life
What the miracles of Jesus reveal about the power of intercession
And much more!


1-Disc DVD


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    The Miracles of Jesus

    Posted by sue on Sep 21st 2020

    I am a member of the RCIA team at my church and I'm always looking for new products to augment our program. When I read the description of this program it sounded like it would be ideal for our purposes. When I received it I watched it right away and was disappointed; it just was not a quality program. I put it away for a couple of weeks, hoping to look at it with fresh eyes and get a better impression, but when I re-watched it today it was worse than I originally thought. The theology is fine but the presentation uninspiring, and the production quality was poor. I think the worst part (more so than the graphics) was the constant background music: it was probably supposed to be poignant and expressive, but it was too loud and just relentless - it never let up throughout the whole narrative. I could not be more disappointed and I cannot recommend this at all. I wish someone would pick up on the basic premise and rework it - but much, much better.