Trappist Preserves

Gourmet Monastic Excellence!

In 1954, the Trappist monks who worked in the herb garden at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts, produced a bumper crop of mint. They decided to make a batch of homemade mint jelly and sell it to monastery visitors—who loved it. So the monks experimented with other jellies, jams and preserves—and that was the start of Trappist Preserves!


The monks craft each batch of Trappist Preserves according to the monastic tradition of excellence. Their longtime fruit buyer knows what precise combinations of fresh-picked berries to purchase. Their cook has spent 30 years refining everything from cooking temperature to how much sugar to use. The result—superior flavor with no artificial ingredients, ever!


Trappist monks follow the Rule of St. Benedict, which requires that they support themselves by the work of their own hands while showing hospitality to visitors. For St. Joseph Abbey, Trappist Preserves is a delicious way to do both! For you, it’s a way to enjoy the centuries-old tradition of monks making gourmet treats for their guests—while helping the abbey fulfill its mission as a haven of peace and prayer.


If you’re considering a religious vocation or know someone who is, please check out the abbey’s vocation page!

St. Joseph's Abbey Monks


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