Bethlehem Cooperative || Olive Wood Cross With Four Holy Items - 3.5"x7"

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Country of Origin:
Olive Wood Cross with Four Marks

Product Overview

This Olive Wood Crucifix with Four Items from the Holy Land was created by and artisans of the Bethlehem Cooperative. This unique, handmade piece can help bring you closer to Our Lord through real physical contact with olive wood from the land where Jesus walked.

The holy items included in the wood of the cross include stones, earth, flowers, and incense from the Holy Land.


About the Brand

The Bethlehem Cooperative is a partnership of Christian families whose lineage in the Holy Land traces back to the time of our Lord. As a minority in the region, they are subject to constant persecution and have little economic opportunity. Hand-crafting and selling religious items allows them a modest living and ensures an ongoing Christian presence in the Holy Land.

Product Details

- 3.5" X 7"


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