Welcome to Cedar House. Welcome home.

Posted by Cedar House Team on Nov 18th 2021

Welcome to Cedar House. Welcome home.

Who are we? And why should it matter to you? Well, we think we can sum it up this way:
Shop small. Shop Catholic. Shop Cedar House.

Shop small.

We’re a home for unique, premium products made by individual creators, small family-run businesses, and communities of vowed religious men and women who support themselves by the work of their hands.

From them, you’ll find candles, rosaries, Nativity displays, books, videos, devotionals, peanut butter, bath bombs, gourmet candy, all-natural jelly, and old-fashioned, hand-hammered leather—to name just a few.

Shop Catholic. 

Our makers are passionate, exceptional people on a mission to share the Faith in new and interesting ways. We, in turn, want to be a blessing to their mission and help their mission be a blessing to the Church.

We tell you the inside stories behind our creators so that you can truly connect with their mission, share about it, and invest in it—whether by making a purchase through us or supporting them directly.

Shop Cedar House.

In the second book of Samuel, David longed to create a house for the Lord with the finest material available—in that time and place, cedar wood. The prophet Nathan revealed to David that it would be his son Solomon who would ultimately complete this house, but it was David who spent a lifetime storing up the materials.

That’s how we like to think of our warehouse—a temporary place to store up the Catholic products you’ll use to grow your faith and the faith of those around you, so that you can build a new “cedar house” for the Lord right where you are.

As for us, we’re living the dream—we’ve made a place like no other for Catholic creators to share their products and mission with you. We hope to facilitate an encounter with Christ for all who pass through our virtual doors and give you some great reasons to celebrate being Catholic right now.

Welcome to Cedar House—and welcome home!