Brick by Brick: Building a strong family that won't lose their faith in a secular culture

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Brick by Brick

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Far too many Catholic families today experience the heart-wrenching pain of their grown children abandoning the practice of the faith. Parents pray and hope that their children will at the very least go to Mass as adults, only to see the faith tradition lost among the next generation.

But what if parents changed their perspective from fear and minimalism to the higher and extraordinary ideal of raising children to have a personal relationship with Jesus, live their faith dynamically, and develop evangelistic hearts? Enter the Regniers.

With real-life stories, tons of humor, and practical advice, this three-generation family illustrates seven key principles of discipleship parenting that bore them great fruit. Grow in your understanding of God’s purpose for the family, and be moved in your parenting and family life to create a future of missionary disciples.

Praise for Brick by Brick

“It’s rare to meet an entire family willing to leave house and hometown for the task of evangelization. Here’s a family all-at-once ordinary and extraordinary. In their winsome new books, André, Angèle, and the rest of their clan instruct and inspire as they draw deeply from the ups and downs of their missionary journey. Wisdom leaps off the pages. I know of no other book like this. Brick by Brick should be required reading for all Catholic families!”

— Matt Nelson, Assistant Director, Word on Fire Institute

“I wish I had this book when my wife and I were first starting our family.”

— Garth Pereira, Program Director, Net Ministries of Canada

“It’s clear from reading this inspiring book and from my own contact with each member of the family, that the Regniers sincerely love the Lord and are invested in the Church’s mission. They are full of the joy of the Gospel. I wholeheartedly endorse this book as a valuable read for parents who are striving to form their children to be missionary disciples.”

— Bishop Christian


(No reviews yet) Write a Review