Christ Crucified painting by Diego Velázquez (1632) - Framed Canvas - 12" x 22" - Crucifixion of Jesus

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Christ Crucified painting by Diego Velázquez (1632) - Canvas Print - 8" x 10" - Crucifixion of Jesus

Product Overview

This beautiful painting by Diego Velazquez features four nails, feet together and supported against a little wooden brace, in a classic contrapposto posture. Both arms draw a subtle curve, instead of forming a triangle. The loincloth is painted rather small, thus showing the nude body as much as possible. The head shows a narrow halo, as if it came from the figure itself; the face is resting on the chest, showing just enough of his features. The long, straight hair covers a great part of the face, perhaps foreshadowing the death, already inflicted as shown by the wound on the right side.

Because of lack of information, the date of the painting is unknown. Nevertheless, historians believe the work was made after Velázquez' return from Italy, probably between 1631 and 1632.

Product Details

  • Art size including frame: 12" X 22"

  • Canvas printed

  • Scratch resistant

  • Fade resistant up to 50 years

  • Hanging frame

  • Lightweight, glassless frame


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