Claro Y Sencillo by André Regnier

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Claro Y Sencillo

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Guiar a alguien de forma práctica a una conversión ha sido durante mucho tiempo un proceso vago y fortuito. El nuevo libro de André Regnier muestra un proceso práctico el cual puede ayudar a llevar a alguien a una conversión. Lleno de historias, anécdotas y trucos y consejos prácticos, este libro es imprescindible para cualquier persona interesada en llevar a otros a una relación con Cristo.


If you were sitting in a coffee shop with a good friend and they said, I want the kind of faith that you have, and you had 10 minutes to respond, what would you say?

In this concise and engaging book, André Regnier draws on decades of experience as a Catholic evangelist to suggest a concrete, adaptable and life-changing approach to evangelization. Providing an intuitive introduction to the Christian concept of conversion, as well as a practical guide to engaging in spiritual conversations, Clear & Simple goes beyond any particular evangelistic program to communicate the heart of relational ministry and care for souls: intentional spiritual conversations.

Here is a timely resource that not only equips readers to respond to the Church's call to mission, but proposes an approach of evangelization fostering greater faith, hope, and charity in the Catholic evangelist.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review