Clear & Simple

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Clear & Simple

Product Overview

If you were sitting in a coffee shop with a good friend and they said, “I want the kind of faith that you have,” and you had 10 minutes to respond, what would you say?

In this concise and engaging book, André Regnier draws on decades of experience as a Catholic evangelist to suggest a concrete, adaptable and life-changing approach to evangelization. Providing an intuitive introduction to the Christian concept of conversion, as well as a practical guide to engaging in spiritual conversations, Clear & Simple goes beyond any particular evangelistic program to communicate the heart of relational ministry and care for souls: intentional spiritual conversations.

Here is a timely resource that not only equips readers to respond to the Church's call to mission, but proposes an approach of evangelization fostering greater faith, hope, and charity in the Catholic evangelist.

About the Author

André Regnier is co-founder of Catholic Christian Outreach, a movement that has been engaged in university evangelization and discipleship for over three decades in Canada and abroad.

Praise for Clear and Simple

“Many of us today take for granted our adoption into God’s family as his sons and daughters, which is an incredible loss to us and others. As Regnier says, ‘evangelization should be the most natural, life-giving and welcomed task of every baptized Catholic who loves their faith.’ In this deep but accessible work, Regnier helps us understand the importance of invitation and conversion in our lives and takes us on a journey of how to do just that. I highly recommend this book to those wanting to do evangelization with clarity and simplicity!”

— Curtis Martin, Founder and CEO, Fellowship of Catholic University Students

“André Regnier’s new book is just what the Catholic Church needs right now—a straightforward, easy-to-understand, yet still challenging message on how we ought to evangelize if we want to make missionary disciples who change the world.”

— Marcel Lejeune, President and Founder, Catholic Missionary Disciples

“The clear and compelling proclamation of the kerygma is vital for the renewal of faith in our day. André Reigner has rightly reminded us both of the urgency of this proclamation and the necessity of Catholics rediscovering the beauty and simplicity of the message. If priests preached and the laity shared the Gospel as presented here, we'd soon witness the ‘new springtime’ foreseen by St. John Paul II.”

— Michael Dopp, Founder and President, Mission of the Redeemer Ministries


(No reviews yet) Write a Review