Faith Alone: Why Martin Luther Was Wrong (CD)

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Faith Alone: Why Martin Luther Was Wrong

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“Faith alone,” or Sola Fide, has been debated for centuries between Catholics and Protestants. What is sometimes missed, however, is the role of love in justification. If we are justified by faith alone, then what about love? Is love an optional extra? Or does the definition of faith implicitly include love?

Love is not an optional extra, nor is it a part of faith. Love is essential for justification and salvation, and is built upon and ranks higher than faith.

Why is love necessary? For we are called not just to believe in Christ but to live like him. Love is not a human work adding to Christ’s work, but a necessary “work” inspired by grace and offered up to the Father in union with Christ’s work.

In the end, “Faith Alone” is a dangerous fallacy based on a reading of Scripture that subjects the word of God to the preconceived doctrines of men.

About the Presenter

Robert Haddad is married and has four children. He has a Masters in Theology, Philosophy, and Education. His published works include the Lord of History series (2002), the Christ the Teacher series (2004), and St. Justin: The Case for Christianity (2009). He has also contributed to the Journal for Pastoral Theology (2008). He taught at St. Charbel’s College (7-12) for 15 years, the Centre for Thomistic Studies for 12 years, and has tutored in Theology at UNDA since 2007.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review