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In this prophetic novel, Brian J. Gail tackles the problems in our American culture and from where those problems stem. Using fiction and flawed characters, Fatherless takes readers on a journey to the center of conscience of those trying to achieve the American Dream while struggling with moral and ethical dilemmas and trying to balance faith, family and a career. Fatherless is the first in the American Tragedy Trilogy and focuses on Spiritual Fatherhood.

Praise for Fatherless:

“FATHERLESS is one of the best Catholic novels I have read in a long time.... Brian J. Gail is a very talented writer and an excellent story-teller.”

–Gerard, from Florida

“It was a great read! And like chips you can't stop with one. The rest of the trilogy is great too.”


“The author nails many of the challenges facing those trying to live lives faithful to their Catholic commitment. No holds barred; no simplistic scenarios.”

–Mike, from New York

Product Details:

  • Book dimensions: 9 x 6

  • Cover: paperback

  • Ages 16+


(No reviews yet) Write a Review