Coffee for the Common Good
The founder of Guadalupe Roastery, Brad Fassbender, started his mission with coffee farmers in Honduras. Seeing how farmers were being exploited and underpaid for their work, Brad made it his mission to build a new kind of relationship with local farmers—one that would raise their income and quality of life. Soon after, Brad met local farmers Rolyn and Lorena Garcia, and together they founded Guadalupe Roastery.

Each cup of coffee from Guadalupe Roastery is delicious and ethically sourced at a rate that’s fairer than fair trade. Every day, they strive to grow sustainable crops that will enhance the life of farmers and glorify God’s creation. (And did we mention that their coffee is ranked in the top 3% of coffee beans worldwide?)
We can’t wait for you to try Guadalupe Roastery’s delicious coffee, and we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do!
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