Guadalupe Roastery | Nicaraguan Blend | Medium Roast | 14 oz Whole Bean

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Nicaragua Medium Roast - 14 oz Whole Bean

Product Overview

Smooth bodied, with a bright acidity, carrying floral, citrus and chocolate notes, and a sweet aroma.
You are purchasing from farmers Rolyn and Lorena, from their entire harvest of 42,000 LBS. This coffee profile has a smooth sweetness, with hints of floral and nut 
The Details
For all those who live for their morning cup of coffee, this roast is for you! This bean brews a sweet and smooth flavor that is sure to make every day started with Guadalupe Roastery’s Nicaraguan roast a good day! Roast is sold as both whole bean or ground for your convenience! 
Tasting Notes
A fresh and relaxing way to start your day with floral elements mixed with mandarin oranges and sweet chocolate. Each sip of Nicaraguan roast goes down smooth with a sweet aroma overcoming your senses. 
These beans are planted, tended to, and harvested by our beloved farmers, Rolyn and Lorena Garcia, in Nicaragua. 
Social Responsibility
This coffee is directly sourced and therefore provides sustainable employment for Rolyn, Lorena, and all of the workers on their farm. Beyond creating fair wages, the selling of these beans has led to the building of a chicken coop and school house!

About Guadalupe Roastery

What sets Guadalupe Roastery apart from the myriad of coffee products that are available today? Their farmer family, the Common Good, sustainability, and promotion of beauty.

Farmer family. The first pillar is the coffee farmers themselves, otherwise known as their extended family. Everything Guadalupe does is in support of their farmers, their families and communities.

The Common Good. This is defined as the sum total of social conditions that allow people to reach their fulfillment in its entirety. This is what Guadalupe strives to uphold.

Sustainability. The third pillar is sustainability through honest work. As stewards of creation, Guadalupe is called to preserve the earth through maintaining a balanced environment, stopping the exploitation of farmers, and recycling.

Promotion of beauty. The final pillar is the promotion or furthering of beauty. Beauty takes one out of oneself, and allows for a reflection on creation. With this in mind, Guadalupe Roastery is dedicated to pointing out the beauty they see in the world and supporting those who create it.

Through these four pillars, Guadalupe Roastery provides a high quality coffee that upholds the dignity of those who produce it. Guadalupe Roastery desires to see community form around the coffee and work with the families that bring this coffee to our table. They see it as their calling from God to promote the common good with something as simple as a cup of coffee, and invite you to join them on this journey as we all strive to be exactly who God has called us to be.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review