Holy Playing Cards

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Holy Playing Cards

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The next time your friends come over, make it memorable—and inspiring—with snacks on the table, a hand of gin rummy, and these Holy Playing Cards! They are a fantastic way to cultivate an appreciation of the saints among your friends and loved ones while enjoying your favorite card games. Cards feature beautiful works of art depicting 45 unique saints and angels, plus reverent depictions of Christ.

Each was prayerfully chosen to correlate with the card’s number/letter and (in some cases) suit. Aces are all angels, kings are depictions of Christ, the queen cards display various images of Our Blessed Mother, the jacks are all saints beginning with the letter J (St. John the Baptist, St. John the Evangelist, St. Joseph, St. James), and the Holy Spirit takes the place of the joker/wild card. Of course, the lucky seven of clubs had to be St. Patrick!

Saints depicted range from ancient to modern, beginning with figures like the Apostles and the Early Church Fathers, through the ages to saints like Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, Andre Bessette, and John Paul II. Invite the saints to your next game night!


  • Premium 52-card deck featuring beautiful images of the saints
  • Each card a brilliant, colorful work of holy art
  • Made of the highest quality, durable card stock, sourced in Germany
  • Linen finish


(No reviews yet) Write a Review