OreMoose || Valet Tray (Denim) - Handmade Leather Catchall Tray with Cross Design

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OreMoose || Valet Tray (Denim) - Handmade Leather Catchall Tray with Cross Design

Product Overview

The OréMoose creative process is rich in both prayer and care. Each product is designed to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing; stylish, and robust. These leathers are oil tanned, American made leathers all from right here in Minnesota. They are made by the most prolific tannery in the United States: S.B. Foot, a sister company to Red Wing Shoes.

All leathers are fairly resistant to the elements, so there is a level of "self-maintenance" that the leather itself upholds. In other words: you don't have to do anything if you don't want to, because leather is very durable. That being said, if you'd like your leather to shine more, you can put oil on it regularly to make it glossier. If it gets wet, wipe it off and air dry it. Never put leather in a machine dryer. Try not to leave leather in direct sunlight for excessive amounts of time (weeks, months). Besides that, there's not much to worry about, leather is a pretty amazing textile.

OréMoose is not merely a leatherwork factory, but a philosophy of Catholic art. Throughout the history of the Catholic Church there has been a tradition of great art. This art flowed from the love that God’s people have for our creative God: a God so creative and loving, He made creatures who create. Henceforth His Church has always been called to recreation, and art is its primary form. Art is essential to being human. “Art is the signature of man.”

They are constantly coming up with new styles designed to last your lifetime, and while comfort is good… beauty is essential.

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