Raising Chaste Catholic Men

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Raising Chaste Catholic Men

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Anxiety among Catholic mothers is sky high. How do we teach our sons to be chaste when a sex-obsessed culture is ready to drag our boys into the pit at every turn? All we want to do is protect the innocence of our little ones and the honor of our teens, yet the snares of ubiquitous porn, hook-up sex, the LGBTQ juggernaut, and the devaluing of true manhood appear unavoidable. What’s a mother to do?

Relax, grab your beverage of choice, and flip open Raising Chaste Catholic Men. In this little heart-to-heart between us girls (although the guys can listen in, too), Leila Miller will take your hand and calm your fears by giving you practical advice in simple terms, based on her 25 years of experience in raising eight children, six of them sons. Some of the serious topics addressed with good humor and no fear include:

- Three basic rules for parenting - What to do when boys are little - Answering the culture’s TWO BIG ACCUSATIONS (this is HUGE for your kids!) - Fear has a place (chapter 9!) - Navigating pop culture - What to do when things go wrong - Advice from chaste young men (over 2 dozen young men speak up), and more!

Bring your worried heart some peace by giving you a plan of action and the power tools to pull it off. So, trust God and dive in! You’ve got good men to raise, and the world needs them!

Praise for Raising Chaste Catholic Men:

“With the candor of a close friend and the wisdom of an experienced mother, Leila Miller demystifies a subject that is overwhelming to many people.”

–Jennifer Fulwiler, best-selling author and host of The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SiriusXM

“Fascinating—glad to have it! Iam still reading the book but so far it is fascinating. I am glad to have it as a resource while raising my 3 sons.”

–Catherine Lynch, from Virginia

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