Rest: 31 Days of Peace Devotional

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Rest: 31 Days of Peace Devotional

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To feel God's presence more profoundly, we invite you to read Rest: 31 Days of Peace, a beautiful new devotional authored by Walking with Purpose founder Lisa Brenninkmeyer. Rest includes 31 Scripture-based meditations that you can read (and re-read) each day, bringing you into a deeper understanding of God’s love for you!

The daily affirmations contained in Rest: 31 Days of Peace will take you on a journey of the soul and saturate you with the truth that you are seen, known, respected, and loved by a God who gave everything for you.

The hardcover, pocket-sized format makes it easy to take this devotional with you wherever you go, so you won’t miss a chance to renew your mind on a daily basis. Rest: 31 Days of Peace also makes a thoughtful gift for any friend or loved one who needs to feel in her heart just how beloved she is to the One who matters most.

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  • 144 pages

  • 4.5" x 7.25"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review