The Coming of Christ: Daily Reflections on the Season of Advent

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Terry Barber -- (3 Talk Set)

Perfect for any Advent season, Terry Barber offers a five minute meditation to help us get more out of our Advent preparation. It features a short reflection every day from the first Sunday of Advent to Christmas and on through the Feast of The Epiphany.

As a follow-up to his series on Lent, Terry will show us through a series of simple spiritual exercises how to prepare ourselves to receive Christ not only spiritually but this also lays the groundwork on how to better receive Him in Holy Communion.

-- Reflections for each day of Advent

-- Practical acts of piety to perform throughout the day

-- Recommended spiritual readings, and much more

Prepare for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ into your heart with this great set!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review