Supporting Christian Families
Bethlehem Cooperative is a partnership between Christian families living in the Holy Land who make their living by hand-crafting and selling religious items to pilgrims. Each of these unique, handmade pieces can bring your home closer to Our Lord through real physical contact with the land where Jesus walked. Plus, your purchase supports Christian families who have been living in the Holy Land since the time of Christ.

All of the difficulties in the world today have had a big impact on this ministry and occupation. On top of that, Christians are a very small minority in the region who suffer continued persecution and little economic opportunity. With the shutdown of pilgrimages to their homeland and an inability to offer their handmade gifts to parishes in the U.S., these families are expanding their offering to Cedar House—and we’re proud to have them!

Check out these beautiful devotional items and support your Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land!
This is where we usually link to our sellers' websites and social media pages so our customers can also connect with them directly. However, in Bethlehem Cooperative’s case, the only way to purchase these beautiful products is at Cedar House. Thank you for supporting this collaborative mission to build the Kingdom!