Premium Brown Scapular | Navy and Brown (Mini) - Brown Cord - 16in

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Premium Brown Scapular | Navy and Brown (Mini) - Brown Cord - 16in

Product Overview

This mini brown scapular features a navy image of Jesus’ sacred heart, the heart to which Our Mother leads us every day. It’s also our first scapular to feature multiple colors of cords—you can choose between brown or navy!

Bringing much-needed innovation to this beloved sacramental, this minimalist scapular is made of the same super-strong American paracord and super-soft Australian merino wool as our “Original size” scapular. It’s a completely valid expression of the Carmelite devotion, and it’s still incredibly strong and beautiful. In fact, if it wears out from normal use, we’ll replace it for free.

Long story short: this is the most durable, comfortable scapular ever made.

You might be saying, “Now wait just a minute, Is this a brown scapular?”

Excellent question! Yes! This scapular is made with the finest brown merino wool on the side closest to the skin.

The cords and images are relatively recent additions, but the brown wool is the essential piece of what Our Lady gave St. Simon Stock in 1251.® is proud to be family-owned.

Product Details

  • Length: 16" cord
  • Scapular Square: 5/8" x 3/4"


(No reviews yet) Write a Review