Heart Speaks to Heart: A Review of Life and Healing Prayer - The Inner Heart of My Faith Journal Second Edition.

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This workbook invites readers into the depths of their history, thoughts, and feelings, so that they can be led into prayerful communion with Christ. Through the tools found in this workbook, all believers will find the truth about themselves and their calling to give all and surrender to Christ who desires only the happiness of His followers.

Praise for Heart Speaks to Heart

This book is an answer to people's desire to pray.

— Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Archbishop of Denver, CO

...illumines the path to greatest self-knowledge, affective maturity, genuine freedom, enriched prayed, and deeper conversion to Christ.

— Fr. Brian McMaster, Pastor in Texas

Product Details

  • Book size: 8.5 x 11

  • 60 pages

  • Cover: Softcover

  • Imprimatur: Most Reverend George Lucas

  • Published year: 2018


(No reviews yet) Write a Review